Your Guide To Buying MREs In Bulk

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If you have decided you would like to buy MREs in bulk, the first thing you need to find out is where you can find MRE in wholesale. When you buy MREs, it will depend on what type you happen to be interested in. Today, there are several reasons as to why people prefer to stock-up on the Meals, Ready-To-Eat.

These are the types of meals that offer convenient options if you like to participate in various outdoor activities like camping or hiking with either family or friends. The packages provide enough nutrition as well as an easy way to transport them and travel with them. Some of the other popular reasons as to why people stock-pile these meals, is to stay prepared for survival should a natural or manmade disaster strike.

Here is a guide on some of the more important considerations to keep in mind when you are buying MRE wholesale.

MREs, which stands for meal-ready-to-eat, features an average shelf-life of 3 years, often more. The packaging for every meal will include a drink, an entrée, a side dish, a dessert, and snacks. The food is all packaged in a vacuum-sealed and weather resistant pouch. Each of these meals usually translates into 1,300 calories. These meals were originally designed to provide enough nutrition to people who participate in activities that are regarded as physically strenuous.

MREs, were initially developed and created for the US Military with the aim to fulfill the nutritional requirements for soldiers. The ideas behind these meals had to do with eliminating the effort and the time needed for preparing meals while on-the-go. Active soldiers required a simple and complete meal that is simple to prepare and eat. The solution came about with the MREs.

Most of the consumers are aware of the “military grade” MREs. However, many consumers do not know much about civilian MREs which are made available through various suppliers. This is a type of MRE that has become increasingly popular over the last decade. Civilian MREs are also available in a large array of choices.

If you are in search of the one of the better suppliers to obtain your MREs in bulk or on wholesale is still XMRE. This business specializes in manufacturing wholesale high-quality civilian MREs. Within their product range, the XT Series is still the most popular range.

The XT Series comes in a number of options that includes the 3000 XT, 2200 XT, 1300XT as well as the 1000 XT. Each product comes with differing calorie values. For example, if you are interested in a range which includes meals that can be used over a 24-hour period, then the 3000 XT or the 2200 XT is the better choice.

There is also a range called the XMRE Lite which are meals with lower calorie values that range from as little as 600 onto 900 calories for the consumers that would like more control over the amount of calories that they are eating in each meal. XMRE also provides their Halal range.

When you order from their wholesale line, the products are all packaged into boxes which contain 12 packs. This happens to be the largest size which is permitted legally for sale. However, there are no restrictions on the amount of cases that you would like to order. XMRE is available through MRE Giant. This is a company that offers budget-friendly prices along with fast shipping.

Tips On Locating Military Grade Businesses In Your Area

If you are interested in buying wholesale MREs, and this will be your first time buying these products, it is advisable to start out with the military-grade options. The reason for this is that these meal types are created to offer consumers with the best advantage. This is an MRE type which is used for the US Military that provides soldiers with a way to sustain energy levels.

The military-grade meals are also available to the civilians and are on sale through various suppliers and vendors. This is perhaps the better solution for the consumers that would like to try out products that are trustworthy.

Where To Find Reliable MRE Companies

If you have never tried an MRE before, you will soon discover that it is easy to find a number of MRE suppliers. This is even more true if you reside in one of the larger cities, where you will find various online companies even in your own local area. Today the MREs have become a popular choice for the civilians that are conscious about preparing for disasters or emergencies.

There are also people that have made the choice of buying MREs in bulk, to store the products for a number of years. Today, there are various companies that can accommodate these needs, along with all types of order sizes.

When it comes to placing your order for MREs, the process is as easy as researching the different companies and then selecting a reputable and well-known MRE wholesale supplier online. As soon as your order is completed, the majority of these companies ship out their orders immediately. You can typically expect your order to arrive within 2 to 3 business days, depending on where you are based.

Once you have found a company you feel you enjoy doing business with, it is recommended to try the various meal options, so you can make your final decision on your bulk order. Taking a bit of time to conduct your own research about the MRE companies in your own area, will go a long way in helping you to select the correct business that provides these service types.

How To Choose The Right MREs

Today, consumers are offered with the choice of either military or civilian MREs. In the past, the military and civilian meals were completely different. Today, they are similar when it comes to their quality, calories and components. Additionally, in previous years it was often very difficult to purchase the military MREs, due to a restriction placed on reselling these products. Yet, today it is a simple task to buy either type from a variety of suppliers.

The genuine and authentic MREs are the products that are given to soldiers to eat, which is the product that offers the benefit of a number of years of research and testing. These meals also come in a larger variety in comparison to civilian meals. An example of this is that the Military-grade meals come in 24-meal options, and the civilian meals on offer 6 to 12 choices. In addition, Military MREs come with specific items not included in civilian meals.

Military meals all feature the standard flameless heater, while every case comes with 12 entrees that are different provided with different snacks and desserts. In most cases the case will contain a Menu A or a Menu B, what will make-up 24 different meals. Civilian MREs typically cost more and will in most cases only provide 6 entrees in one case, which typically means 2-of-each meal.

Civilian MREs are manufactured mainly by the same businesses that manufacture Military products, meaning the meals are either very similar or identical. The one difference is that civilian meals will not come standard with heaters, meaning you will need to purchase your heaters separately.

Both the military and the civilian MREs are ideal options for either grab-and-go eating, emergency supplies or backpacking. The MREs offer an extensive shelf-life when compared to other types of food but are not like freeze-dried items of food which have the longest shelf life of up to 20 years. When stored in the correct manner, on average the MREs can last for 5 years.

However, it is always important to consider that the MREs that you are buying may not be new, and you could make the error of buying stock which could have expired already. It is important to use common sense when you open an MRE. If the meal smells bad or when the packaging looks bloated, throw the meal away.

To ensure that you are purchasing MREs that are still fresh, always check on the date of manufacture. Military version will feature 2 dates. The 1st date will be its manufacture date which will be displayed using the standard date format, like 06/02/2014 or with the use of 4 digits like 4282. This will represent the 282nd day of the year 2014. A 2nd date is called the inspection-date, that will usually be 3-years from the date of manufacture. There are sellers that are known for only displaying the inspection dates which can mislead a buyer into thinking these meals are actually newer.

Each Military MRE comes with an orange sticker that represents a Time-Temperature Indicator, which lets buyers know if these meals are still fresh. The sticker will appear as a donut in a dark-orange shape, on the top of a background in a lighter orange color. When the hole in the center is lighter in color in comparison to the donut itself, it will mean these meals are still regarded as fresh. When the color has changed to the darker orange color, the meals are close to approaching the shelf-life. When the color has gone even darker than that of the donut, then these meals may be questionable or even bad.

Civilian meals are entirely different in this regard. To start off with, it is highly recommended that you only ever buy the civilian MREs from a retailer with a good reputation. The majority of these companies store their products in refrigerated large warehouses, that displays the date of manufacture prominently. When you are not able to find dates on packages displayed on their website or the package itself from a retailer, rather look for another supplier. Additionally, if they do not state how the meals have been stored, you should also look for another supplier.

When considering military bulk MREs, then MRE Giant has been recommended by experts as the better place for finding the best deals. You need to ensure that the sellers have posted the dates on the pictures which will be stamped on the box, along with an orange time and temperature sticker. MREs which are close to the inspection dates are typically still safe for consumption, yet newer ones are obviously the better choice.

Some retailers also offer individual items like entrees or side dishes. This is a great choice if you are not interested in purchasing whole meals. However, it is important to know that this is an option which comes with a higher price tag, which means you won’t save any money if you are interested in customizing your own MREs.

Reasons Why Buying Bulk MREs Are Worth It

In the current world that we all reside in today, having plans to safeguard our futures is always wise. A simple and affordable way for planning for unexpected events includes stocking up on food stores such as MREs. Here are some of the standout advantages of purchasing this type of product in bulk.

– Long Shelf Life

When it comes to preparing for emergencies, MREs are a great option to have without needing to be aware or worry about the food spoiling or going bad.

– The Meals Offer Enough Nutrition

When a person is hungry, they will usually require far more than just a few snacks. In these instances, you will want a type of meal that will help you to feel full and satisfied. The MRE meal was designed originally to make a person feel full. After eating just one MRE, you can easily stay satisfied for much longer.

– MREs Are A Cost-Effective Solution

If you are interested in a method to collect food stores, yet you do not have enough capital for this type of investment, MREs offer the most cost-effective solution. This offers a way to easily stock-up on various meals without the need to spend a lot of money.

– The MREs Taste Good

In previous years, these meals did not taste great, with many of the users having to force the food down. MREs today are not only fulfilling but also taste great. These meals might not be the meal you can expect from restaurants, yet they are still appetizing when you happen to be very hungry or you are on-the-go for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping.

When in search of the best quality MREs, you need to ensure you have chosen a reputable and well-known supplier. These retailers might cost a bit more, yet you decrease your risks significantly. For competitive deals, e-Bay or a online giant such as Amazon offers a number of options. However, when shopping on a site like e-Bay, keep in mind that you will be spending a great deal of your time going through the product descriptions as well as checking on dates and reviewing the ratings of the seller.

If you are interested in buying MREs in bulk, it is recommended to begin with smaller orders so that you become accustomed with the various brands along with their meals before making a decision to place your bulk order. In this way you can save a lot of money and time on avoiding ordering products that you really don’t enjoy. This will also go a long way in making more informed decisions on the MREs that you prefer.

More Tips To Consider Before You Buy MREs

As mentioned before, there are several considerations to keep in mind before you invest in MRE meals in bulk. Buying such a product is not anything like purchasing regular and perishable food from your local grocery store. Here are a few more tips that you can use to ensure a more positive experience.

1. Tips For Evaluating Meals

For those that are new to MREs, there is a gamble involved when you buy them. But when you know the correct way to evaluate the meals, you improve your chances of buying meals that are fresh and of good quality. Over and above checking on the dates of manufacture, check on the description of the product and examine the meals that interest you, to figure out if they will match up to your personal requirements.

2. What You Need To Consider When You Read The MRE Meal Reviews

Reviews are often regarded as a great asset when you are in search of finding MREs of high-quality or any other product for that matter. It is easy to learn about the different options available to you, when you read through a few reviews. With this in mind, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are reading through the reviews.

The most important factor is to read through the entire review, if you would like to gain any insight out of them. Keep in mind that every person has their own scoring system, and 1 person’s 3-star review may be someone else’s 5-star review.

You also need to find reviews which are more trustworthy. It is unwise to treat all the reviews as the same. Reading the reviews may take a bit of your time, so rather read from more reliable sources.

The long reviews offer more information and offer you with more when the reviewer has decided to examine these products in detail. These reviews also often include video footage or pictures which can also be extremely helpful.

The more important thing to keep in mind about the reviews, is that they should not be the only source that you get your information from. You should be checking to find out if the products are backed by positive reviews. Reviews can also give you a lot more information on the ingredients included in these meals, as well as how they are prepared.

3. How To Keep A Tracker On The MREs That You Are Eating

If you start to eat these types of meals more regularly, you will probably begin to forget about which meals you did or didn’t like. If you enjoy eating these meals all the time, you may want to take notes on the meals that you tried already.

For example, if you really enjoy one of the meals, you want to avoid struggling to remember the name of the meal and what brand it was. Keeping track of what you have eaten along with which company you ordered from. In this way, you are offered with an easy way to enjoy these meals again.

4. Tips On Storing Your MREs

When storing MREs for an emergency or for camping and hiking trips into the future, you will want to ensure you are storing this product correctly. Regardless of how resilient these meals tend to be, it is still a better idea that you are taking the necessary precautions.

For example, you will want to ensure the meals are not exposed to areas where they can get wet. The packaging of these meals can start to deteriorate when the packaging is constantly exposed to wet conditions. You will also want to store the meals in a dry and secure container. In this way, if the area is accidentally flooded, the meals will stay dry.

It is also important to ensure there is always easy access to the meals, should an emergency arise. For example, if you have stored the meals inside your attic, they may be wasted or unusable in the event of a storm. Make sure you store your MREs, in a place that is secure, safe and easy-to-access at all times. In this way, you feel more secure that you have a supply of food when you need it the most.

Before you make a purchase on bulk MREs make sure you are confident in the supplier that you have chosen. You also need to check on the dates of the product to ensure you are buying MREs that are still fresh and will last you for at least 2 to 3 years. MRE forums are also a great place to get any additional information on these products.



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