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One Touch Of Nature Can Change The Whole World

Since 2000 we witness some of the deadliest natural disasters on record from the most catastrophic towering tsunamis, earthquakes, to historic cyclones.

The death toll from natural disasters highly varies from year to year. Some years may have very few deaths before significant catastrophe take place and claim many lives.

If average the numbers for the last ten years, we get approximately 60,000 people killed by natural disasters per each year. It is approximately 0.1% of total deaths.

Source: Our World in Data

Some UnCool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Global Deaths

Being prepared, you gift your loved ones and yourself by the best chance possible to get through any brutal scenario.

We Love Nature

Learn how to survive in the wild and experience the beautiful nature at the same time.

  • Learn the art of survival
  • Enjoy stunning landscapes and fantastic nature
  • Have fun practising your skills
  • Learn how to find food and water
  • Practice building a shelter, fire, and setting traps

It Is a Gift

Your best survival tool and most valuable asset in a survival situation is your brain without any doubt. Your ability to withstand stress in emergency situations and effects on your psychological and physiological performance depends a great deal on your personality.

With the right skills, mindset and training, you can survive anything. We will show you how.

This MRE Guide Will Help You Find The Right MRE For You

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